The World of Kelnaria


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The Timeline of History



*Please note that the Kelnarians themselves created the actual years and periods. Most Gods do not have concepts of time or space and leave that little detail up to the planets and beings that They create.



Key of Periods of Time meanings:

GS = Great Scrolls

GW = Gods War

EL = Elven Lore

DR = Dagmar Royalty





GS  200,000





GW 105,001



EL   5,000

       1,004 -596 





DR   0




  • Mystics Create Kelnaria
  • Onae came through the portal
  • Demon Battles begin, lasts for 500 years (Demon Races Only, including the Onae)
  • Great Wyrm War, lasts about 2,000 years. It is only between the Dragon Races. This is when the halfbloods (draconians) are created.
  • Dwarven Mine Wars began, the war itself last about 50 years, the grudges will continue forever it seems. Only 2 clans survived: Gemeindessal (aka Mountain Dwarves) and the Lahrtden (aka Cave/Hill or Planes Dwarves)  

  • God's War began, complete World War encompassing all races and lands
  • as well as the actual celestial heaven's and abyss' themselves. (Mystics vs Onae/Fates)
  • Great Scrolls scattered, Kahlrab winning, prophecy seeded into the fabric of time
  • God's War Ends - the heavens shattered creating the Nine Abyssals of Heaven and Hell
  • -Kelnaria's landscape changes drastically due to heaven's being asunder, some species die off
  • -Mystics have been banished, Demon God King Kahlrab and his minions the Fates rule all the land

  • Sylvan, Granite and Wood Elves come through portals
  • -New peace comes to the land as these races are able to banish the Fates and Kahlrab
  • Sylvan and Demon Wars began
  • -Although the Onae were destroyed, some of the other demon races survived and banned together to simply just become known collectively as the Demon Race
  • -They seek revenge over the destruction of the Onae Race and the banishment of their God, Kahlrab and his Fates
  • Prince Ihoitae Mahadeva Arabus was born and the seeding of the prophecy began to flower (Birthdate Diatta 4, 796)
  • Draconic Wars begin and begins a second world war since the Sylvan/Demon Wars are still occurring
  • -The various races are being dragged into it and are choosing sides, some races are even split on which side they have chosen
  • Sylvan Elves are completely destroyed by the Demon Armies, the wars begin to wind down as the Sylvan/Demon War is officially at and end and the Demons assert their rule

  • Draconic Wars end, World War ends
  • -Demons begin to fade away, having little desire left to rule and having had their revenge
  • -Humans become dominant as the War Hero Dagmar leads them into rebuilding and giving a beacon of leadership for all the other races. He negotiates treaties and peace with the other races so the world can rebuild.
  • - Dagmar founds Cardinia and begins construction on Cardinia Castle as well as begins the first human royal line, which also is another seed of the Mystics Prophecy
  • -Between 0 DR and 708 DR, some humans did not like the Utopia that Dagmar created and thus broke away from the Cardinian lands and created their own called Berdinia
  • Cardinia/Berdinia Wars begin, Prophetic Vision created by the Berdinian Priests
  • -Berdinia begins attempts at resurrecting Kahlrab and draw other "evil" races to their cause
  • -Cardinia asserts the Great Scrolls and attempts to resurrect its teachings with the humans and other "goodly" races
  • Current Year in which The Kelnaria Chronicles begins

Time Cycle of Kelnaria

Hours in a day = 30 Years in a Century = 100

Days in a week = 10 Seasons in a Year = 4

Weeks in a month = 4 Unseasons in a Year = 2

Month in a year = 10

10 Day Week Months                                                          Season

1) Miana                                                                                  1) Jan - Frosting 

2) Tiana                                                                                  2 ) Frianatte - Frosting

3) Wettetta                                                                            3) Aprille - Warm

4) Thiana                                                                                4) May - Warm

5) Friana                                                                                 5) Junetta - Unseason*

6) Settetta                                                                             6) Julier - Unseason*

7) Sunatta                                                                               7) Augustion - Growing

8) Mettetta                                                                            8) Octi - Growing

9) Wiana                                                                                 9) Novembre - Harvest

10) Ianca                                                                                10) Diatha - Harvest

*Unseasons are back to back, as all the other seasons are, and they are a period of no day and no night. The skies are overcast and the world is very gray in hue. The 3 suns and 4 moons can all by seen in the skies together at this time. The temperature is also very even without being overly hot or overly cold. The month of Junetta usually sees little to no rain and is the perfect month for planting. The month of Julier is a type of monsoon season and the planted crops have their best time for survival for the growing season coming up over the next 2 months.

Frosting Season is like Earth's winter. Warm Season is comparable to Earth's spring. Growing Season is near to Earth's summers and Harvest Season is similar to Earth's fall or autumn times.

Sentient Beings of Kelnaria

*Population is subject to change and is a guestimate at best. Not all races are very good at keeping good census on their people with detailed birth/death records. Sadly, to most of them, it is not very important.

**For all Humans, aligments vary depending on where they live. All subraces of human live together in all areas of the various human kingdoms. In other words, not all Cardinals live in Cardinia and not all Ebony live in Berdinia.


Race                          Subrace                       Population*                                  Alignment

Elf                              Granite                         40,0000                                       Evil

                                  Sylvan                           extinct                                         Good

                                  Wood                            82,500                                         Good

Dwarf                         Cave/Hill                       575,000                                       Neutral

                                 Mountain                       250,000                                       Good

Human                      Cardinal                        varies per location                      varies

                                 Ebony                            varies per location                      varies

                                 Asothi                            varies per location                      varies

                                 Hian                               varies per location                      varies

                                 Half-Elf                           63,000                                        Neutral

Dragon                     Black                              unknown                                    Chaotic

                                 White                              unknown                                    Evil

                                 Gold                                unknown                                   Good

                                 Silver                              unknown                                    Good

                                 Purple                             unknown                                     Neutral

                                 Red                                unknown                                     Evil

                                 Draconic                         unknown                                     Neutral

Centaurs                  undiscovered                 unknown                                      unknown

Reeshane                                                      7,0000                                        Neutral

Gnome                                                           850                                             Chaotic

Merfolk                     undiscovered                  unknown                                    unknown

Uotin                                                               650                                             Chaotic

Telestic                                                           extinct                                         varied

Demon                                                            unknown                                     Chaotic

Djinn                                                               250                                              Evil

Avatar (Faefolk)                                              unknown                                     Good

Pegasi/Unicorns                                             unknown                                     Good

Fates/Oni                                                       unknown                                      Evil

Shadow Walkers                                            extinct                                          Varied

Onae                                                               extinct                                         Evil

Half-Demon                                                    unknown                                      varies