The World of Kelnaria


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Contributions Page

This page is dedicated to the people that made the Kelnaria Chronicles possible. All special "thank yous" and anyone who contributed in any way will be listed here.

To those that helped with the project of assisting my funding, here is your special spot. I appreciate every single one of you and everything that you have done and will probably continue to do after the launch of Book One: the Great Scrolls. Thank you with all my heart to Shawn Crawford, Tiffiany Shandor, Wesley Bryant, Rona Rogers, Wendy Conrado, Vince Hartmann and Mona and Donald Steck. Words cannot truly express my full appreciation for all that you have helped me accomplish. I hope that this first novel will succeed and all our efforts will be greatly rewarded with many new tales of Kelnaria! Book one release date of 8/1/2014!

Once again I must thank my Aunt Rona for her diligence, sharp eye and quick turn around for editing Book Two! Also, a special thank you to my best friend, Vince Hartmann for helping me find an awesome cover artist! It looks great, Zach Smithson!