The World of Kelnaria


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A Guide to Religion and Magic


This page is dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses of Kelnaria, Their religion and the Magic that They provide to the peoples of the planet.

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A Guide to the Gods of Kelnaria

The Mystics:

Good Religion. Now Extinct as the Gods have been banished. Called the Great Scrolls.

Everyone mortal thinks that the Mystics have been exterminated.

Worshipped by all except Elves, Dwarves and Dragons. However, honored by all of the goodly Elves and Dwarves. Evil alignment elves do not honor them. Dragons ONLY honor and worship their Gods and ancestors.

Gaia & Kaia – twin Gods of Kelnaria, Gaia is female, the planet and Kaia is male, time

Adish – God of Fire

Cascata – Goddess of Water

Knoton – God of Wind

Tilirith – God of Shadow, married to Kedma

Kedma – Goddess of Light, married to Tilirith

Eleria – God of Soul, son of Kedma and Tilirith

Kahlon – God of War, is actually in hiding as everyone thinks all the Mystics are extinct/banished


Evil religion. Now Extinct, but being reborn by the Berdinians. Called the Prophetic Vision

Worshipped by all except Elves, Dwarves and Drgaons. Not honored by any of the Elves regardless of alignment or any of the goodly dwarven clans. Dragons ONLY honor and worship their Gods and ancestors.

Demon Lord Khalrab – Demon Lord of the 3 evil abyss and commander of the Fates, currently banished

Lord Commander General Arabus – Demon God of War, 2nd to Khalrab, Mordecai’s father and Ihoitae’s Grandfather, somewhat kinder in demeanor than the oppressive Khalrab and currently in charge with Khalrab banished

Lord General Mordecai Arabus – Overseer of Lord Khalrab’s army, 3rd to Khalrab, Ihoitae’s father

Lord Wamaru – Demon of Destruction, married to Lady Arianna

Lady Arianna – Demonness of Chaos, married to Lord Wamaru

Lord Haidar – Demon of Malice, son to Lord Wamaru and Lady Arianna

Lady Martine – Demonness of Sin, sometimes mistress to Lord General Mordecai Arabus

Lord Aloysius – Demon of Death, son of Lord General Mordecai Arabus and Lady Martine

Lady Vix – Demonness of Stealth, daughter of Lord General Mordecai Arabus and Lady Martine

The Dragons worship their ancestors. So there are no specific Gods. But they do have a "resting" place for good and evil dragons. Io is their most revered ancestor and will often refer to him as "The Father of all Dragons".

Dragon Heaven: Ianka

Dragon Hell: Tenneth

Dwarves have their own Gods and Goddesses that they worship above all others. However, they do respect the Mystics as the founding Gods of planet Kelnaria. (Some of the dwarves came to Kelnaria by the blessing of their Gods from a distant planet. Their resting place is on their home world.)

Dwarven Heaven: Pankote

Dwarven Hell: Nine Spirals

Ilya – Dwarven God of War, the All Father

Ezhno – Dwarven Goddess of Hearth and Home, the All Mother

Narahati – Dwarven God of Chaos

Arbis – Dwarven God of Destruction

Solange – Dwarven Goddess of Elements

Nara – Dwarven Goddess of Faith

Kiyoshi – Dwarven God of Shadows

Elven Gods are worshipped and honored by all Elves regardless of alignment. However, elves may choose to follow and worship a specific pantheon depending on their alignment.

Elven Heaven: Lithianiaelle

Elven Hell: Augernerthane

Elven Torpor: Melenderanielle

Etherliannious – Lord God of the Elves, married to Matarhanae, Known as Lord and Lady of Mystery

Matarhanae – Lady Goddess of the Elves, married to Etherliannious, Known as Lord and Lady of Mystery

Sohalia – The Moon Goddess, sister of Altarion, daughter of Etherliannious and Matarhanae

Altarion – The Sun God, brother to Sohalia, son of Etherliannious and Matarhanae

Salama – Goddess of Love, sister to Olimara

Olimara – Goddess of Home and Hearth, sister to Salama

Altessa – Goddess of the Afterlife (good realm), married to Terryal

Terryal – God of the Afterlife (bad realm), married to Altessa

Malicara – Goddess of Chaos, married to Eafiwiso

Eafiwiso – God of the Elements, married to Malicara

The Great Scrolls