The World of Kelnaria


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The World of Kelnaria

Kelnaria is a planet not so very close to ours. A planet very much like our own with different races, different climates, lands, water and all manner of creatures from very small to very large. Kelnaria was created by a group of powerful beings called The Mystics. In our eyes, They would be Gods, but in truth, They are just a different type of being that beings like us (or Kelnarians) would not understand. We can relate these beings to our Gods taken from just about any Pantheon of religion such as Greek/Roman mythology, Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, etc. We can also relate to Their need to create from the same need that we have to play something like The Sims, Fable or to grow our own gardens. Gods are simply another race of beings with abilities that we don't understand, but for some reason, like to create worlds and creatures and............sometimes.............prophecies.

This world was to have been a place of peace and tranquility. A land for the harmonious Mystics to love as parents love their children with all the species that They created to inhabit Their world. They welcomed beings from other planets to come and visit, or stay, in Their creation as well by creating portals (or as we call them, worm holes). Being Gods of tranquility, love and peace, this was Their first mistake in thinking that all other creatures were of some like and kindness. Soon, Kelnaria became inhabited not only by Their creations, but by an ominous race of beings known as the Onae. The Onae were evil and malicious and began to cause strife amongst the young planets inhabitants and wars began to break out. The Onae thrived on chaos.

The Mystics were heartbroken and did not know how to solve this dilemma. They were unable to close the portals as the Onae's own abilities were greater than the Mystics. But, two very powerful races came to the call of The Mystics' pleas for help across the interstellar wastes we know as space: the Sylvan Elves and the varied races of large lizards we all know as Dragons. Later, other elvish folk came along with a few other races, humans included, but it was the Dragons and the Sylvans that were able to banish the evil Onae from Kelnaria. Peace began to settle. Sadly, only for a short time. Like any world that is inhabited by multiple species and races, it is inevitable that nature will take over and all will fight over dominance, even if they don't realize they are fighting for it.

The chronicles of Kelnaria take place during one specific event of the world's very long and very sad history. It revolves around a prophecy that was created a little over 2 millennia ago when the Gods War happened. A truly sad time in Kelnaria history when some of the more unpleasant races of the planet decided that the creators of the world needed to go and thus starting a world war. This war saw the banishment of the Mystics and the obliteration of the Sylvan Elves along with the creation of the Prophetic Vision religion and the prophecy called The Great Scrolls, which later turned into a religion. The prophecy was created and written by The Mystics during the Gods War and was woven into the world's Fate when the heaven's cracked and They were finally banished.

The series starts off with Prince Ihoitae Mahadeva Arabus. He has already lived into 2 millennia of life and is part demon and part Sylvan Elf. He is the last if the Sylvan Elves. His mother was the Queen of the Sylvan Elves and had been raped on the battlefield by the Demon Lord of the Demon armies during their battles. Ihoitae was raised amongst the elves, but never completely accepted by the elves. When he turned 100, his father demanded that he be given over to the demons, having learned of Ihoitae's existence. His father was also a prince among the demons in the way that the demon hierarchy works, thus making Ihoitae royalty on both sides of the war.

Ihoitae was required to earn his way up in the demon army as his father had conscripted him. In the demon world, you had to earn everything. Nothing was given to anyone. You took what you wanted, you gave nothing in return unless it befitted your own goals and killing to obtain a certain status was not unheard of and, sadly, was often encouraged. That is, so long as you could get away with it. If you were caught, then the punishment was swift and harsh, often resulting in death. Their was no lover or leniency in the demon world. But, yet, there was. However, that is a thought for another day. I digress.

After Ihoitae had been conscripted for almost two hundred years, he had had enough and planned to desert. He had achieved the rank of ------- before his desertion. Although he loathed his father and his internment into the army, he did learn a lot about his demon heritage as well as how to use his demon abilities along with the art of war and the finesse of battle. It was also during this time that he had inadvertently trapped Dean Moonstone, a draconic officer fighting with the "goodly" armies under the banner of Cardinia, into a crystal for almost one and half millennia. He would later ironically re-unite with Dean when the prophecy would began to wind to its conclusion on the side of "good".

We join Ihoitae in book one after he has been on the run from the Fates and the demon army for the better part of his little over two millennia life. The Fates are independent of the demon armies, although they worked with them. They will be talked about in greater length during The Prophetic Vision dialogue. Ihoitae is captured by Dean and his band of mercenaries as they were hired by a powerful unknown entity to bring Ihoitae to the Zadian Priests, keepers of the Great Scrolls.